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How To Get Your Business Found On Google

It can be easily determined that the world of connecting buyers and sellers has changed and evolved considerably.  It is difficult to argue that the platform that advertisers choose to invest their hard earned revenues has seen a tremendous shift from traditional print marketing strategies to the explosive growth of the internet.  Moreover, most business owners today believe that marketing their products and services online is imminent!

What is sometimes confusing is not that businesses are questioning whether or not they need to be online, but how to do it effectively.  When it comes to online marketing, there is a certain degree of complexity that comes with the overwhelming lead generating potential of having a well optimized website.

Simply stated, just having a live website is not enough.  Not even close.  In any given search on the internet, there are minimally 10-15 thousand search results that are listed through hundreds of pages of content.  Therefore, how will it be determined where your website will rank within thousands of search results?  How can you be certain that your website will be found when a potential user is typing in a keyword that represents your brand, product or service that you sell?

At Owndomain1 our internet marketing experts have the answers to these questions and a solution to these common concerns that almost all businesses have contemplated at one time or another.  To help guide our clients to a better understanding of our results driven online solutions, we have summarized our principles with the very relevant acronym…


If searchers can’t find you they can’t buy from you!  This is the 1st step toward qualifying that your business needs help.  We will take the time to determine how easily (or not so easily) your website can be found in the search results relative to your industry and geography.  If your business is not on the 1st or 2nd page of keyword phrases that represent your products or services, we can then move to the next step…opportunity.


During this step of our process, we will show you the traffic and visit potential your website will be exposed to if it were to rank strongly under your most important keyword phrases relevant to your industry.  For example, if you were a Dentist in the Grand Rapids area, it might be useful to know that there are many thousands of searches per month to keywords or phrases pertaining to Grand Rapids Dentists!  We will take the time to conduct keyword research to show you what kind of opportunity is out there for your business to capture its share of the market!


Understanding – It is the understanding of your needs that is the most important part of this process. Truly identifying with the needs of our clients is the foundation of a long-term successful business relationship in any marketing scenario…especially in the rapidly evolving world of internet marketing. An equally important part of our understanding principle is making sure our clients are aware of why their site’s content can’t compensate for how poorly their site is ranked, and why their competitor are at the top of the list. Hands down, a properly search engine optimized (SEO) website is the fastest and strongest ROI (return on investment) in the competitive advertising world today.

  • With effective distribution of your site, traffic will increase 60%
  • Average increase in monthly conversion 113%
  • Average increases in keyword traffic referrals 161%
  • On average for every dollar spent on SEO yields $25 in return!

Our company is passionate about your profits and we will take the time to understand exactly what your goals are and what we will bring to the table to help you achieve them.

Necessary Actions

As the saying goes…”Faith without works is dead”.   In our detailed recommendations, we will chart a course of the necessary actions that we will take in order to bring your site into optimal levels of visibility and conversion.  For each of our clients, we compose a list of each action and the benefits that it will provide during our SEO process.


Any credible company that provides search engine optimization services will tell you that SEO is not just a set of tasks, but rather a collection of actions performed  through a process that takes time.  Achieving top rankings in the search results over thousands of listings and contents takes tremendous knowledge, skill and experience.  Owndomain1 prides itself on delivering clear, transparent results to our clients.  Each month, we will provide you with detailed analytics reports that will track our progress and growth of traffic increases, conversion data, keyword referral intelligence and much more.

Making sure your Business is FOUND


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  • Designed my martial art’s school website from scratch! Worked the SEO, and now placing much higher in google than other more established schools! Can’t say enough about Clay and his company. Amazing work backed by great customer service! Check out the work at kzoobjj.net

    Ben Lindhout – Kalamazoo BJJ
  • “Lyster Exteriors has retained Owndomain1, LLC as our website development and marketing services provider for over two years. We have been extremely satisfied with not only the service and quality of work we have received from Clay and his team, but also the results that our website has generated for our company. “

    Matthew Lyster Lyster Exteriors & Lyster Contracting, Inc.
  • “Within just days of my site going live, I have already received email inquiries from new patients directly from my website and have seen my listing ranked on the first page of Google on several keyword searches! “

    Dr. Paul M. Blank D. D. S
  • “I received a huge commercial snow plowing lead from my new website that resulted in a contract worth thousands!”

    Mike Ruh Owner – Lawns & More Inc.
  • “Thanks Clayton! We have been getting a lot of calls from Google searches. You are doing a great job! “

    Ray Waldmiller Owner- Raven Remodeling Of Lansing


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